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Top Female eSports Teams Inspiring Girl Gamers

Top Female eSport Teams

eSports is a male-dominated sport. An estimated 90% of Major eSports professionals are men. Despite huge strides in the last decade, male gamers still far outnumber girl gamers.  But the large video game publishers and brands are taking notice.  The video game industry is growing more quickly than ever, with an estimated 2.5 billion players worldwide.  Who better to grow popularity and discoverability among girl gamers than, well, girl gamers?

In the last decade, the somewhat inclusive E-gaming Arenas have become more welcoming to girl gamers. With major brands sponsoring All Female gamer girl groups and recently, Female eSports league has started to gain traction globally. Change is afoot.  And we may see more girl gamers competing and winning yet.

The move to diversify eSports and include more girl gamers is growing by the day.

From major brands to NBA teams are on a quest. There is a vibrant NBA 2K League.  In 2019 for the first time, WNBA players are making their debut in NBA 2K. A quest to grow the number of Female professional player in eSports and level the playing field.  Hopefully in the near future, re-balance the 9-to-1 Male to Female player ratio, still prevalent in the current E-gaming community.

It’s hard to deny the prejudice Females have faced in the professional gaming community. Now more than ever, the community is more welcoming to Gamer Girls. Many more skilled Female Gamers are winning major game tournaments. The male-centric gaming community must accept, some more slowly than others, the idea of professional female eSport players. And respect them as winners and champions.

esports girl gamer champion
VKLiooon winning the Hearthstone tournament at Blizzcon

Take for example in the Global HearthStone Tournament, VKLiooon defeated the previous world champion in a clean sweep, winning the Tournament by a huge margin.

She became the first-ever female HearthStone Champion at Blizzcon in 2019.  Punctuating her history-making victory, she said:

“I want to say to all the girls out there that have a dream for eSports, for competition, for glory.  If you want to do it and you believe in yourself, you should just forget your gender and go for it”.

This was a historic moment in the gaming community.  One that shattered the old prejudice – that “Girls can’t play games.” A wakeup call for the old-guard, heard far and wide by women and men around the world.  And arguably more importantly, by boys and girls across the land.

The Female Gaming community has made huge progress in the last decade.  Let us take a look at some of the most prominent professional eSports All-Girl groups from all around the world.

Dignitas Female:

To start off, Dignitas Female is the girl squad of Dignitas.

Boasting the one and only EMUHEET(A 5 time World Counter Strike Champion), Dignitas Female has some of the best Female Counter-Strike players in America. They won Intel’s Challenge Katowice twice, two years in a row.  Add to that a win at GIRL GAMER eSports Counter-Strike World Championship in 2017.  And then again in 2018. Although they did place 2nd in GIRL GAMER eSports 2019, their performance across all the tournaments is amazing. Dignitas is a group that is so incredibly skilled, some of the reigning Male world champions have trouble facing them. During normal seasonal tournaments, they always place top 3, if not winning altogether. And when they are having a really awesome day, Dignitas Female can easily wipe the floor with the best teams on the planet. And enjoy overwhelming victories. Dignitas Female is considered to be among the Best Female Counter-Strike Teams in the world.

Dignitas Female Esports Team
Dignitas Female Counterstrike Esports team


PandaCute, just as the name sounds, consists of 5 cute girls from the world’s most populous country, China.

But don’t let their cuteness fool you. PandaCute is considered the best All Female League Of Legends team in  HongKong. They have been crowned SHERO and HKXP champions in 2017 and were The League of Legends 5v5 Tournament Champions in 2016.

PandaCute has an incredible track record in tournaments and being sponsored by MSI, they are considered to be among the best in the whole of China.

PandaCute Female League of Champions Esports Team
PandaCute is the best League of Legends team in Hong Kong

Out of The Blue:

Out of the Blue, the not so surprising, champions of GAMERGIRL ESPORTS 2019 League of Legends tournaments is the Best League of Legends All-Female Team in Europe or possibly in the world.

Being the current GAMERGIRL WORLD CHAMPIONS, Out of The Blue has a somewhat good track record. With consistent wins in some tournaments and somewhat low performance in others. Their performance in the World cup was one of the best so far and they are one of the most committed and important groups in Female Esports. 

Out of the Blue Gamergirl Esports
Out of the Blue Esports Best League of Legends Girls Esports Team in Europe


Galaxy Racer E-sports(CS:GO)

Galaxy Racer Esports is an exceptional Team made up of the Ex-Member of Assassins.

They won the GAMERGIRL Counter Strike Global Offensive World Championship in 2019 and just went through a team change in April 2020. They are the current All-Female Counter-Strike World Champions and have an excellent tournament winning record. Galaxy Racer E-Sports is made of highly skilled and passionate gamers with a knack for winning. They are an extremely dangerous bunch who defeated Dignitas in the 2019th GAMERGIRL Finale and are among the best Counter-Strike Global offensive Teams in the World.

Galaxy Racer Esports
Galaxy Racer Gamergirl Counter Strike Global Offensive World Champion 2019

What can we expect from the future of Female Esports?

Esports is rapidly growing and right now, it is bigger than ever. Although, there is a vast disproportion between men and women in eSports.  Females making a very small percentile of the total eSports audience. But progress is being made and the audience is growing. Now, Female gamers have their own Esport tournaments held by Gamer Girls, Intel etc. And are being sponsored by huge firms trying to increase the eSports audience and diversify it. And even the players, especially the world champions want this change. 

The long held prejudice against woman are dying and the players, as well as the audience support that. Even now, girls like VKLiooon have managed to make a huge impact in the professional E-Sport world and as we move further towards diversity. The mind-boggling stats of 9 to 1 Male-to-Female ratio will surely become resonable.

On the one hand, Women still face harassment in eSports events and during livestreams. On the other hand, it is becoming less common.   Rightfully more and more women are speaking out against the unfair treatment.  And who to better inspire a new generation of young girl gamers, than girl gamer champions and winners. 

The future looks bright for girl gamers in positive for eSports and E-gaming. More All Female eSports teams are winning more high-profile eSports tournaments.  Waiting in the wing is a new generation of girl gamers awaiting their chance at glory.  With or without structured market research or consumer insights to validate that…

More girl gamers are watching, attending and winning eSports competitions.  In turn inspiring a new wave of young girl gamers and winners…


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