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Mobile Game Marketing App Marketing Success with Pinterest

Keys to Mobile Game Marketing and Mobile App Marketing Success with Pinterest

Pinterest mobile game marketing aso
Pinterest mobile game marketing aso

Pinterest is a household name. Its advertising functionality? Significantly changed the online advertising landscape. The new Ad products, video ads, and other ad types?  Positively allow mobile marketers to leverage this growing social media network to their advantage. 


Marketers who focus on mobile marketing can no longer create a marketing strategy that excludes Pinterest.

Why, you ask?  Firstly because Pinterest has been providing incredible results.  Consider this:


  • 50% higher click to purchase rate
  • 2600% increase in website traffic from Pinterest
  • 90% lower CPM
  • 40% higher subscription rate
  • 70% increase in account signups
  • 40% increase in revenue


In this post, allow us to inform mobile game marketing and mobile app marketing professionals.  Start by learning how to use Pinterest to get the best of your online marketing strategies. Stay with us till the very end. Let’s get started!


Pinterest for Mobile Marketers


For mobile marketers, Pinterest offers a range of weapons.  From one mobile marketer to another, I applaud you and encourage you to learn About Me, reach out, if I can be of service.  Can we say, various ad types for different marketing objectives? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Promoted Standard Pins


The most popular type of Pinterest ads? Standard Pins of course.  They let marketers gain extra visibility for their products and services. 83% of American Pinterest users make purchases on the platform through these Standard Pins. It makes great sense for marketers to showcase their products using the vertical image or video formats. When a potential customer taps/clicks on the Standard Pin ad, one is redirected to a website where one can make the transaction or purchase the item.


  1. Promoted Carousel Pins


Carousel Ads work the same way.  Just like Standard Pins do. What about the user experience? Significantly different. In carousel ads, users can swipe left/right through multiple images and videos. All this happens on a single Pin. Uniquely Carousel ads give marketers an addition of 2 to 5 cards that can be well optimized through a title, description, and a website link. The best thing about Carousel ads? You can link the ad to five different website pages. More conversion from a single Pin! Carousel ads can boost the click-through-rates by a staggering 32 percent!


  1. Promoted Video Pins


Videos work, period. When it comes to engaging an audience and triggering the right emotions. Naturally Marketers have been using videos on all social media platforms to share stories in a way that makes the audience feel more connected to the brand.

Why should you care? For starters, this raises average retention rates. You have Video Pins to get the extra boost. Since video ads on Pinterest make users 53% more likely to convert, pay close attention.  Take full advantage of the opportunity.   Create a solid video that shows both  “how-to’s” and storytelling. What to do before rendering your video project?  Want to get a sense of the ad concepts to test? Then check out the video formats and sizes that Pinterest recommends.  Perfectly okay to try out a few types of video content. Then execute video game market research or simple poll to narrow down the options.


  1. Promoted Shopping Pins


What about Shopping Pins?  They allow marketers to pull products from the catalog they upload on Pinterest, create Pins, and reach out to their target audience. This gives the audience convenience when they are looking for products to buy on Pinterest. You can use these ads when you have to promote seasonal sales, holiday sales, or any latest line of products. Similar to native ads commonly used alongside App Store optimization, best thing about Shopping Pins? They appear among the Standard Pins resulting in more clicks and taps. 

SensorTower Darkness Rises Google Play ASO app analytics video game marketing
Darkness Rises Google Play ASO app analytics video game marketing
  1. Promoted App Install Pins


Lastly, you can make use of App Install Pins for the obvious reasons. You can create your ad and turn them into a gateway to your application page on Apple Store or Google Play Store. The best thing  still?  The user clicking on your ad will not have to leave Pinterest. The application page from the respective store opens on Pinterest and the easy install button makes the entire experience more convenient.

Pinterest Promoted Pins mobile app marketing ASO

Mobile Marketing Objectives


What about the campaign objectives, you ask?  Enough to cater to your advertising needs. You can create marketing campaigns by choosing one of the following six campaign objectives. Let’s discuss them in detail.


  1. Traffic


Interested in basic Discoverability?  Wonder what are some of the most common campaigns? Why, generating highly targeted website traffic of course. These campaigns help marketers create high-quality leads and the advertisements run on Pinterest on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis. The moment a Pinterest user clicks or taps on the Pin? He or she is redirected to the website link attached to the Pin. All without taking the user away from the app.


  1. Brand Awareness


Got a new brand and need more eyes on it?  Then Brand awareness campaigns are your best bet. The more exposure you gain online, the higher the chances people will want to LEARN about your products and services. You can run brand awareness campaigns.  ALL while gaining broad exposure with your targeted audience. In this, you will be charged on a Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) basis. In other words, you will be charged per 1,000 impressions.


  1. App Installs


Have a mobile application you want to promote?  Understandably Pinterest has a special space for marketers driving app installs. There are two different ways you can promote your application and drive downloads. First, you can do it by paying per install. The platform will adjust your bids automatically to fit  your budget. Second, you can do it by paying for every click or PPC. In this, Pinterest will optimize your ads for click traffic.


  1. Video Views


Video is a rage in modern-day marketing. Therefore creating and executing a video ad campaign on Pinterest will give you amazing opportunities to build awareness and consideration among your target audience.  Undoubtedly Videos help you trigger the right emotions in your target audience and influences the viewer to convert. You will have to pay per 1,000 impressions for video views.


  1. Conversions


Need specific conversions?  No problem.  Here you can optimize your campaigns for specific actions.  Whether those be checkouts, add to cart, sign-ups, or more. To use this campaign objective, you will need to have at least 50 conversions from your previous campaigns. You will be charged per action for any conversion based Pinterest campaign.


  1. Catalog Sales


Shopping Catalog campaign objective is simply to help the Pinterest audience discover your products. You can easily connect your product catalog with Pinterest and run ads wherein Pinterest will pull product information from the catalog. Both CPM and CPC are available for this objective.


Targeting New Prospects


Targeting new prospects is quite easy on Pinterest since you can apply various ad objectives. However, you will need to be as precise as possible if you want to show your ads to the right audience.


When it comes to targeting an audience on Pinterest, you have three targeting filters to go through – audience targeting, keyword targeting, and interest targeting. Let’s learn about these three targeting methods to gain new prospects on Pinterest.


  1. Audience Targeting


This is the type of targeting which you can use to create an audience solely based on your website visitors, subscribers on your email list, or an existing Pinterest audience (retargeting). Once you start creating a new audience, you will be asked which group of people you want to target.  See attached screenshot for an example.

This is a simple retargeting campaign where I’m targeting my 400 followers, PLUS audiences who are searching for similar content. This includes Keyword (Video game publishing) and Re-targeting both.

Videogame.Marketing Pinterest Promoted Action
Videogame.Marketing Pinterest Promoted Action


Once you choose the right target group, you can go on to narrow it down based on the audience’s interests.


  1. Interest Targeting


Under interest targeting, you can select the kind of Pins your audience likes or saves on Pinterest. Since everyone on Pinterest uses the platform in their unique way, which mostly is related to their interest, you must choose the interests wisely.


  1. Keyword Targeting


Lastly, you have to focus on the kind of words and phrases your target audience might be using to search for products and services on Pinterest. This is very much similar to Google and Bing ads. You can use a minimum of 25 keywords. However, we highly recommend that you use the keywords that are very relevant to your specific advertisement.


Targeting Re-Engagement


Re-engagement campaigns?   For a visitor that has consumed your content and has shown a considerable amount of interest. Retargeting ads? These WILL help you cut down your advertising costs and even provide you with more conversions. You can retarget website visitors, an audience that has seen a certain Pin, or retarget people who have added a product to their cart.

5 Notable Pinterest Campaign in Mobile Games


Here are a few mobile game ads on Pinterest that you can consider when it comes to designing an effective ad creative.


  1. Stormbound

Stormbound Pinterest Promoted PIN mobile game marketing
Stormbound Pinterest Promoted PIN mobile game marketing
  1. Dream Detective

Dream Detective Video Game Marketing Mobile Game Marketing Pinterest promoted PIN
Dream Detective Video Game Marketing Mobile Game Marketing Pinterest promoted PIN
  1. Under Sea Solitaire

Tripeaks Undersea Solitaire video game marketing mobile game marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN
Tripeaks Undersea Solitaire video game marketing mobile game marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN
  1. Monster Burner


  1. Mahjong Magic Fantasy

Mahjong Magic Fantasy video game marketing mobile game marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN
Mahjong Magic Fantasy video game marketing mobile game marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN

5 Notable Pinterest Ads in Mobile Apps

  1. Spotify

SPOTIFY video game marketing mobile game marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN
SPOTIFY video game marketing mobile game marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN
  1. McDonald’s

MCDONALD'S video game marketing mobile app marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN
MCDONALD’S video game marketing mobile app marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN
  1. Split


  1. Vlip


  1. Domino’s Pizza

domino's pizza video game marketing mobile app marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN
domino’s pizza video game marketing mobile app marketing Pinterest Promoted PIN

Final Thoughts


Pinterest advertising is no rocket science. It’s easy to learn and execute. Most importantly, it gets you results. If you are looking to use Pinterest to grow your business, you must make sure if your products and services are appealing to Pinterest users. Need help with your Pinterest ad campaign? Connect with us today!

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