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Mobile Game Marketing App Marketing Success with Pinterest

Keys to Mobile Game Marketing and Mobile App Marketing Success with Pinterest

Pinterest mobile game marketing aso
Pinterest mobile game marketing aso

Pinterest is a household name. Its advertising functionality? Significantly changed the online advertising landscape. The new Ad products, video ads, and other ad types?  Positively allow mobile marketers to leverage this growing social media network to their advantage. 


Marketers who focus on mobile marketing can no longer create a marketing strategy that excludes Pinterest.

Why, you ask?  Firstly because Pinterest has been providing incredible results.  Consider this:


  • 50% higher click to purchase rate
  • 2600% increase in website traffic from Pinterest
  • 90% lower CPM
  • 40% higher subscription rate
  • 70% increase in account signups
  • 40% increase in revenue


In this post, allow us to inform mobile game marketing and mobile app marketing professionals.  Start by learning how to use Pinterest to get the best of your online marketing strategies. Stay with us till the very end. Let’s get started!


Pinterest for Mobile Marketers


For mobile marketers, Pinterest offers a range of weapons.  From one mobile marketer to another, I applaud you and encourage you to learn About Me, reach out, if I can be of service.  Can we say, various ad types for different marketing objectives? Let’s take a closer look.